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A short time ago, a mysterious structure known as The Dungeon appeared in a secluded corner of the world. Adventurers, known as Divers, have journeyed from across the land to seek their fame and fortune. What they found, however, was one of the deadliest places on the planet, and none have returned. 

You play as the Wanderer, a mysterious Diver who has appeared to challenge The Dungeon.  Armed with a sword, you must destroy monsters and claim your treasure to discover the exit and become the first to survive. If you lose, your soul will be claimed by The Dungeon forever. 

Created for the final project of the ART 108 course at SJSU, this game is a love letter to the rogue-like genre and games like Hyper Light Drifter and Dark Souls. Most art was done by myself , with the slime sprite originally created by Heartbeast. Music in the game was created by Abrahan Garcia, and sound effects were created using the online tool Bfxr as well as acquired from several open source sites. 

I am considering continuing development on this game into something truly special in my spare time. If you have any sort of feedback, please post in the comments!


Dungeon_Divers.exe 44 MB

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